About the EPSRC Prosperity Partnership scheme

EPSRC has a strong track record of working closely with universities and business to develop high-quality funding programmes which deliver world-leading academic research whilst also delivering impact to business and the wider economy, through a variety of different routes. EPSRC recognises that businesses are increasingly developing strategic partnerships with key universities where they have shared research challenges and complementary capabilities. This call is aimed at co-investing in such partnerships, capitalising on the existing relationships to drive forward excellent research with impact which addresses areas of national (and international) importance. Prosperity Partnerships form one approach within EPSRC’s suite of activities to link business investment with EPSRC portfolio and provides an exciting opportunity for businesses and universities to co-invest alongside EPSRC. 

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Rockley Photonics – University of Southampton Prosperity Partnership

According to the Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, hyperscale data centers will grow to 628 by 2021 and will represent ~50 percent of all installed data center servers by 2021. This extraordinary growth prediction will exasperate an industry already struggling to cope with the costs and power requirements of existing IT infrastructure technology. Rockley Photonics has developed a highly versatile, third-generation silicon photonics platform specifically designed for the optical I/O challenges facing next-generation communication networks and sensor systems. Rockley’s photonic technology platform was developed with a total focus on high volume manufacture of highly integrated optical/electronic devices for high performance applications. Rockley’s technology can be adapted to be application specific, whilst simplifying manufacturing, assembly, test and validation, and optimizing power, size and cost of complex optical systems.

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